Ramjet 2 OTR Cold Air Intake - Suit VT to VZ

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Black Ramjet Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake Bolt on up to 32HP On Your Holden Vt to VZ

Ramjet's OTR advanced plastic technology sets it apart from the thin plastic, heat retaining aluminium & cheap fibreglass cold air intakes on the market!

Ramjet's OTR is made from a heavy duty OME style plastic that is strong, lightweight and able to keep the intake charge cooler than anything else on the market thus resulting in huge power gains.

Ramjets OTR comes complete with a custom Hi-Performance re-useable filter and everything you need to fit it.

Ramjets OTR can be used with or without a Maf on all models.

Compair Ramjets OTR free flowing design and filter size to every other OTR on the market for Holden, HSV & G8's, you will not find better, our filter sits directly behind the grill and gets 100% direct air.

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